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We started with a simple realization: as up to date as your laptop firewall, anti virus software, and all other technical security measures can be, your laptop camera is still vulnerable. One of the most damaging things that can happen to a person’s privacy is having their laptop camera hacked. It becomes a peephole we carry around with us, and often ignore. Believing that when it’s off we’re protected is a fair assumption, after all you assume someone can’t see through a window if it’s closed, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with a laptop web camera. The founder, a software developer, understands the webcam was designed to interface with a number of different technologies, such as Skype, NetMeeting, and other online cam chat services. It’s designed to be easy, but this ease of use creates a vulnerability. As much as you can be careful, keep your firewall and antivirus up to date, hackers can still exploit this weakness. The only 100% certain way to block out the hackers is to cover your camera completely.

Our founder, Tyler Findlay, knew this and used a bandaid placed over his camera for a long time. However, whenever he peeled the bandaid it off to use the camera, he noticed the residue that it left behind each time. What a waste! This first use of a bandaid was what inspired the name CAMBAID!

Now, along with CAMBAID, we help our customers discover easy to implement methods to make your laptops, smartphones, and other devices secure, fast, and uniquely yours! If you’re looking for tips, give us a like on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for daily security updates and tips on how to make your computer.

Our Founder


Tyler Findlay is the founder of CAMBAID. He graduated with a bachelor of Computer Science in 2008 and has been working in the IT industry ever since. As founder, Tyler’s goal is to create easy to use solutions for computers that can be used and installed by anyone regardless of background. Tyler believes sometimes the easiest, least technical solution to a problem can be the best, which led him to the discovery of CAMBAID.

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