Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg covers his laptop camera – should you?

Over the past few days, the internet’s most tech savvy commenters have been abuzz over a picture that seems to show Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s computer camera and microphone covered with tape. A keen eyed Twitter user spotted this modification on a photo that Zuckerberg posted to celebrate the growing user base of Instagram (owned by Facebook), and the image has since become viral. But what is all the fuss about, and why should you cover your laptop camera?

Why has Mark Zuckerberg covered his camera?

Why has Mark Zuckerberg covered his camera?

Like many other techies out there, Zuckerberg is (inadvertently) demonstrating his concern over remote access trojans and a process called “ratting.” This common privacy breach occurs when hackers hijack your computer’s camera to gain access to your most private personal information. This can be used to access your bank accounts, online gaming profiles, social media accounts – and even your most personal photos, videos and day to day activities.

While ratting is often done by sophisticated online hackers, even less experienced users can learn how to access others’ computers by following instructions available online. Some reports even claim that the US government has high functioning versions of these programs that they can use to spy on enemy computers. While Mac users can rest a little easier than PC owners, no one is completely safe from this kind of hacking.

Despite the evidence that this is indeed something to think about, this image has had a lot of punters wondering, “Is Zuckerberg being too paranoid?” The answer is a resounding ‘no!’ Let’s face it – if a tech guru like Zuckerberg can’t keep this kind of threat from attacking his computer, this is something that we should all be paying attention to and actioning as soon as possible.
While it is true that Zuckerberg is a high profile target with a lot to lose online, this invasion of privacy can happen to anyone, and can be costly, embarrassing and time consuming to fix. You need to cover your laptop camera as soon as possible.

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