Best Business Card Design for your Business

The best business card is one that your client doesn’t throw away … ever! CAMBAID allows you to showcase your corporate branding on your business card in a unique way. This is because CAMBAID is a laptop camera cover which goes over the laptop camera features at the top of a laptop screen.

The best business card comes with a laptop webcam cover

The best business card keeps your brand front and center for your customers!

Our business cards double as a laptop camera cover and as a result, your future clients won’t throw them away. Taking the real estate right at the top of their laptop, it’s the best business card that will always be on your customers mind.

Company branding front and center

Keep your company branding on your future clients mind. Have it front and center every time they open their laptop. This business card has real use to your clients! Have your corporate brand be associated with protecting them from offline web camera hackers.

Completed laptop camera cover with your logo from the best business card

The completed popped out CAMBAID with your company logo

The best business card your competitors haven’t discovered

Company business swag with logo on laptop camera cover

Get your company brand front and center for your future customers!

CAMBAID is a brand new product! Your competitors will be handing out business cards, branded post it notes, and pens. These gets put in drawers and forgotten immediately if they don’t get thrown out completely. CAMBAID is a unque opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Give your future clients something they have never seen before. Give them a business card they’ll really use and love. Stand out at your next convention with company branded CAMBAIDs.

How it works (no obligation for purchase)

  1. Send us your existing business card. We’ll format it into a new design that includes CAMBAID business card with your logo on it. We’re also open to any additional customizations you’d like to make! Please let us know!
  2. We’ll send you back a mock up of how the printed card will look. When you’re happy with it, we’ll send you a physical copy of what the card for you to check out.
  3. If you’re happy with the card, then we’ll get started printing you up the amount you want! See the packages below for details. If you aren’t happy, keep the business card! It’s on us!


Freelance Pack

60 cards at $4.32 / card +GST

Entrepreneur Pack

120 cards at $3.33 / card +GST

Big Business Pack*

240 cards at $2.20 / card +GST

*Best Value!

Custom Pack

Please contact for bigger orders to fit your business needs!

I’m in! Let’s get started!

That’s great to hear! Let’s get this party started! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a confirmation on any questions or customizations that you might have. We look forward to building your awesome company swag! Hope your customers are ready to be wowed!

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